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Selection of NEW Bailey trailers available ex stock for immediate delivery

NEW Bailey 20 ton Low Loader

NEW Bailey 20 ton Tri-axle, Beavertail Low Loader, 7.5 metre deck + 1.5 metre Beavertail, 900mm wide filled in hydraulic ramps, sprung drawbar, air & oil brakes, 2 x toolboxes, mudguards between the wheels, digger stops, bucket rest plate, rear drawbar, side guards, Hi Vis strips, front mudflaps, 215/75×17.5 twin wheels

Bailey DS6 trailer

1998 Bailey DS6, 6 ton Drop Sided trailer, Michelin 18″ tyres, grain sides with chute never been used  

Bailey Beeteaper 18

2015 Bailey 18 ton Beeteaper trailer, front window, hydraulic door, grain chute, mudguards, air brakes, Michelin 560/60×22.5 tyres, mint condition

Bailey CT17 trailer

2021 Bailey CT17 Heavy Duty Contract Tipper trailer, air brakes, hydraulic door, rear drawbar, high lights, mudguards & flaps, super singles

Bailey Flat Trailer

Bailey 10 ton x 26ft Flat Bale/Pallet trailer

Bailey 20 ton Low Loader

2016 Bailey 20 ton Tri-axle Beavertail Low Loader, 25ft deck length plus 5ft Beavertail, twin 215/75×17.5 wheels, hydraulic ramps, air brakes, ABS braking, sprung drawbar

Bailey 14 ton Bale Trailer

NEW Bailey 14 ton Bale trailer, 8.4 metre deck length, air & oil brakes, sprung drawbar, 435/50×19.5 wheels, mudguards & flaps, front mudflaps, toolbox, choice of 2, with or without Hay Ladders, available EX Stock, immediate delivery

Bailey Root 14 trailer

2012 Bailey 14 ton Root trailer, hydraulic door, grain chute, 10 stud commercial axles with 385/65×22.5 super single wheels, sprung drawbar, arch window, rollover sheet, like new, off Lincolnshire Fen farm, all paint still on the floor 

Bailey TB16 Trailer

2007 Bailey TB16 trailer, sprung drawbar, hydraulic door, grain chute, arched front window, air & oil brakes, mudguards, rollover sheet, 560/60×22.5 wheels, choice of 2 

Richard Western SF18 Trailer

2007 Richard Western SF18, 18 ton Trailer, hydraulic door, sprung drawbar, air brakes, mudguards, front window, rollover sheet, 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels, grain chute

Bailey TB14 trailer

Bailey TB14 Trailer, swing door, oil brakes,  new rollover sheet, super singles

AS Marston ACE 11 trailer

2011 AS Marston ACE 11 trailer, super single wheels, grain chute, rollover sheet, mint condition

AS Marston FF10 trailer

AS Marston FF10 trailer, silage sides, grain chute 

Larrington 14T trailer

Larrington 14 ton trailer, commercial axles, & oil brakes, 10 stud super single wheels, hydraulic door, grain chute, L & R fold down hydraulic sides for potato harvesting

Bailey 12t Flat

2009 Bailey 12 ton x 33ft deck length, Flat Bale trailers, sprung drawbars, front & rear Hay Ladders, oil brakes, choice of 3

Bailey 14T Flat

2019 Bailey 14 ton X 30ft 6in deck length, Flat Bale & Pallet trailer, air & oil brakes, 435/50×19.5 floatation wheels, strap box, 

Bailey CT20 trailer

2021 Bailey CT20 Heavy Duty Plant trailer, sprung drawbar, hydraulic door, air & oil brakes, LED lights, flashing beacon,    445/65×22.5 Super Singles(as new) immaculate condition


NEW Bailey TB16 Silage

NEW Bailey TB16 Silage trailer, full arched front window, air brakes, grain chute, 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels (2 in stock)

NEW Bailey Flat 16

NEW Bailey Flat 16 Bale trailer, 16 tons capacity, 10.2 metres deck length, 2.38 metres hydraulic bale clamps, air brakes, tool box, super singles 

NEW Bailey TB16 trailer

NEW Bailey TB16 trailer, air brakes, arched window, rollover sheet, grain chute, Alliance 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels, ex stock

Bailey Ag Dump trailer

2018 Bailey 14 ton Ag Dump trailer, sprung drawbar, air & oil brakes, full width window, hydraulic rear door, swivel hitch, 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels, immaculate condition

Grain Sock

NEW Bailey new style 18″ Grain Sock

Bailey TB14 Trailer

2013 Bailey TB14 Trailer, 5ft sides so carries 16 ton, oil brakes, commercial axles with 560/60×22.5 tyres, hydraulic door, sprung drawbar

Bailey Root 16 trailers

2016 Bailey Root 16 trailer, full arch window, rollover sheet, mudguards, oil & air brakes, grain chute, front mudflaps, 385/65×22.5 super singles

Jeep transport trailer

Willys Jeep transport trailer, tandem axle, manufactured by Bailey Trailers, would take other vehicles with the same wheel track or could be modified to take a Land Rover or other 4WD vehicles 

NEW Bailey CD14 Dump trailer

NEW 2021 Bailey CD14, 14 ton Contract Dump trailer, 8mm floor, 6mm sides, air & oil brakes, sprung drawbar, mudguards, front aggregate guard, 385/65×22.5 super singles, available for immediate delivery


Cherry Products Skip Lifter, for moving Hook Loader skips around the yard

NEW Bailey 20t Low Loader

NEW Bailey 20 ton Tri Axle Low Loader, 7.5m flat + 1.5m Beavertail, hydraulic filled in ramps, 10 stud commercial axles with 215/75×17.5 twin wheels, air & oil brakes, sprung drawbar, 2 x strap boxes, side guard rails, mudguards & flaps on each axle, front flaps, digger stops, rear bucket rest, rear drawbar, Hi Vis strips, painted MF Red

Richard Western 14 ton trailer

1998 Richard Western 14 ton trailer, sprung tandem axles, grain chute, new super singles

NEW Bailey TB18

NEW Bailey TB18 trailer, full arched front window, air brakes, front mudflaps, rear tow loops, grain chute, Hi Vis reflective strips, 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels

NEW Bailey CT17 Contract Tipper

NEW Bailey CT17 Contract Tipper heavy duty trailer in Black, air brakes, front mudflaps, Hi Vis reflective strips, 560/60×22.5 floatation wheels 

Griffiths GPR140 trailer

1998 Griffiths GPR 140, 14 ton trailer, sprung drawbar, rollover sheet, grain chute, super singles 

NEW Bailey Low 15 BT

NEW Bailey Low 15 Beavertail Low Loader, 6.5 metre flat plus 1.5 metre Beavertail, air brakes, hydraulic ramps, mudguards between the wheels, 435/50×19.5 single wheels

Bailey TB20 trailer

2019 Bailey TB20 trailer, arch window, grain chute, rear tow loops, air & oil brakes, 650/50×22.5 floatation tyres, front mudflaps, excellent condition, choice of 2

AS ACE 10 trailer

AS Marston ACE 10 trailer, hydraulic door, grain chute

Easterby ET12 trailer

1996 Easterby ET12, 12 ton trailer, sprung drawbar, sprung tandem axles, super singles, grain chute, rollover sheet

Richard Western SF14 Trailer

Richard Western SF14, 14 ton trailer, 10 stud sprung commercial axles, super single wheels, grain chute, rollover sheet

2017 Bailey TB16 Silage Trailer

2017 Bailey TB16 Silage Trailer, air & oil brakes, rear drawbar, drawbar jack, front flaps with reversing lights, as new 560/60×22.5 floatation tyres

Bailey TB18 trailer

2021 (July)Bailey TB 18 trailer, air & oil brakes, extra high Gypsy arch window,rollover sheet, 5ft sides, hydraulic door, grain chute, sprung drawbar, high vis strips, rear drawbar with pipes to rear, rear tow loops, toolbox, 560/60×22.5 Nokian CT tyres, hardly used

Bailey TB2 18 Trailer

2019 Bailey TB2 18, 18 ton trailer, steering rear axle, sprung drawbar, hydraulic door, grain chute, air & oil brakes, ABS braking, full arch window, silage sides, front flaps with reversing lights, rear nudge bar, mudguards, 560/60×22.5 tyres

Bailey Silage sides

Bailey Silage Sides to fit TB16 trailer, picture shows sides before removal